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Congratulations Daniel Barron
You can experience the thrills and the fury of NASCAR® Sprint Cup® Racing as the owner of your very own fantasy race car team in theFury. The drivers you select to represent your team perform as do the real Sprint Cup® drivers by earning points each race in their quest for the NASCAR® Sprint Cup® Championship. Your race team competes against other race teams in theFury in the quest to be this year's fantasy champion. The team that accumulates the most FuryCup Points at the end of the season is awarded the coveted fantasy Cup of Fury and declared this year's champion. TheFury play is for fun, the prize is bragging rights and the challenge is to ride on top theFury.   

The Red Flag waves on TheFury

It comes with a very heavy heart that I have decided to close down TheFury for 2015 and the foreseeable future. My father and I have truly enjoyed bringing to life an online version of Fantasy Nascar Racing 15 years ago when only ® had an alternative solution. Some of our teams have been around since those days when TheFury was actually called TheDraft. It's been an incredible journey but the truth is life has gotten in the way of my ability to keep up with the technology curve and has prevented me from taking TheFury to the next level. For now its retirement for TheFury. That being said, we have all seen the rise from retirement at one point or another so I hesitate from officially waving the checkered flag just yet - let's just say the red flag is out for now. It's been an incredible ride, and I thank you all for being a part of it.
Latest FuryCup Standings
1. Daniel Barron 266
2. Bob Shanks 255
3. Daniel Barron 246
4. Chris Cantu 243
5. Will Fortier 242
6. Mike Nowicki 235
7. Jon Boughton 233
8. Jesse Blumhagen 231
9. Bob Anderson 229
10. Daniel Barron 226
Latest FuryEvent Results
1. Seymour Butz (99) 267
2. Clinton Huber (18) 252
3. Bob Anderson (9) 251
4. Bob Shanks (2) 247
5. Daniel Barron (3) 247
6. Jon Boughton (7) 246
7. Mark Cook (32) 245
8. Emily Funke (34) 242
9. Will Fortier (5) 240
10. c p (63) 239
Driver Popularity
1. Kyle Larson * 51%
2. Kevin Harvick 49%
3. Denny Hamlin 45%
4. Austin Dillon * 44%
5. Jeff Gordon 42%
6. Brian Vickers 36%
7. Jimmie Johnson 33%
8. Brad Keselowski 32%
9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 31%
10. Joey Logano 24%
Latest Cup Race Results
1. Kevin Harvick 47
2. Ryan Newman 42
3. Brad Keselowski 41
4. Paul Menard 40
5. Jamie McMurray 39
6. Matt Kenseth 38
7. Denny Hamlin 37
8. Clint Bowyer 36
9. Jimmie Johnson 35
10. Jeff Gordon 36
Latest Cup Standings
1. Kevin Harvick 5047
2. Ryan Newman 5042
3. Denny Hamlin 5037
4. Joey Logano 5028
5. Jeff Gordon 4138
6. Matt Kenseth 4138
7. Brad Keselowski 4136
8. Carl Edwards 4098
9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 3197
10. Kyle Busch 2285
11. Jimmie Johnson 2274
12. Kurt Busch 2263
Nov 25 6:41:12 PM ET
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